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Aaahhhh!! We Made a Christmas Album.
posted by muth on 12/24/2010


Hey everyone. We made a Christmas Album out of a once smaller Christmas album. You can download or listen to it right underneath this paragraph.  This year, many sweet people are featured on the album including Don Kim, Matthew Laskin, Sis Schultz, and MTA,  Thanks guys. You are awesome. We hope everyone has a very healthy and sick new year!


Click here to download the album.


Your friends from Irishtoothache


P.S. - Click here to listen to E-dub’s new Christmas Freestyle Friday, Cold Stars!

I Totally Forgot About This Website. Signed, Everyone.
posted by muth on 01/20/2010
Hey guys,
We stopped putting anything on here for a while and we’re sorry.  But don’t worry, we’ve been doing other cool stuff in our spare time, like coming home from work and sitting on the couch, then going to sleep.

But really, E-dubble released his debut album in 2009 entitled "hip hop is good" and he’s right, it is, and so is the album.  Get that album right here.  http://www.e-dubble.com/

We (the six grown men from irishtoothache) play as the hip hop band "Young English" now, playing mostly band-arrangements of E-dub’s originals.  Look for that.  Glaze will make a link out of the appropriate words if he has time.

Meanwhile, I posted "Pocket full of G-dubs" in the songs section of this website.  This song was recorded by a rap click known as Benjamin Skranklin, or "Ben Skrank" for short.  Listen to it, its really good.  And its us, by the way.

I just realized I’m typing to no one.  Time to sit on the couch then go to bed.  Love you all.

Peter Muth/Pabs/Muth/Big Sexy

Everything But The Christmas Sink
posted by muth on 12/24/2008
Hey everyone.  This is Pabs.  Here’s this year’s Christmas album.  Merry Christmas.


1. Introduction Listen
2. The 16th Noel Listen
3. Stop Buying me Clothes for Christmas Listen
4. Break Up With Your Girlfriend Before Christmas Listen
5. ’Twas The Night Before Christmas Listen
6. The Recession Song Listen
7. Nuttin’ 4 Christmas Listen
8. The Gift Listen
9. Steve’s Job Listen
10. My First Christmas Listen
11. Christmas 95 Listen
12. It’s Christmas (Ha-HaHaHaHa) Listen
13. Merry Little Christmas Listen
14. Christmas Story on TNT Listen
15. Lo How A Rose Listen
16. We Wish You A Merry Christmas Listen

Download the Full Album with Artwork!

Letís Go Back In Time...To The Best Time Of All...The Great Depression
posted by tup on 01/23/2008
OOOOOH - - - Hotsy Totsy!

We finally made a music video for that hot 1920’s classic "Sepia Tones."

It basically chronicles our life and times when we lived through the end of Prohibition into the Great Depression.

1929 Wasn’t a great year for most.  No one had jobs, kids were dying left and right from malnutrition, and on top of it all, we weren’t even allowed to drink our sorrows away anymore cause "the man" was afraid we’d hurt ourselves.

Well we weren’t havin’ that...so we started goin to that savior of all Prohibition era fellas...the place where everyone knows your name...the juice joint...the Speakeasy.

Enjoy the video.  You can download it right HERE.

You can also check it out on YouTube:

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