Updates From January, 2006

We had a better new years than you.
posted by glaze on 01/06/2006
Hi everybody. I just wanted to let you know that the christmas album is up. It's available right here. It's a lot better than last years album, and last year's album was really, really good. If you wanna buy either or both, go here. Thanks. We really need the money. I'll explain later. I'd also like to thank everyone for coming out to the great new years party we played at. It was a lot of fun, hopefully you all had a good time too. We'd especially like to thank basshound, earthtone, and everyone else who made the show possible. By the way, please donate money to us. I added a button to the side of the page, over there to your left, my right. Or you can buy shirts and cds from our merchandise page. The site is costing us more and more money to maintain, cause more and more people are coming and downloading songs and videos. We can't do it without your support. I feel like a homeless guy in the parking lot of a food lion right now, but we'd appreciate anything you could give. Even 2 dollars would help. Thanks, glazer

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