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Letís Go Back In Time...To The Best Time Of All...The Great Depression
posted by tup on 01/23/2008
OOOOOH - - - Hotsy Totsy!

We finally made a music video for that hot 1920’s classic "Sepia Tones."

It basically chronicles our life and times when we lived through the end of Prohibition into the Great Depression.

1929 Wasn’t a great year for most.  No one had jobs, kids were dying left and right from malnutrition, and on top of it all, we weren’t even allowed to drink our sorrows away anymore cause "the man" was afraid we’d hurt ourselves.

Well we weren’t havin’ that...so we started goin to that savior of all Prohibition era fellas...the place where everyone knows your name...the juice joint...the Speakeasy.

Enjoy the video.  You can download it right HERE.

You can also check it out on YouTube:

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