Updates From February, 2004

Good News and Bad News
posted by glaze on 02/03/2004
So we got free hosting. Not from that Justin fellow, but from a cool webpage called 1and1.com. But they're not offering it anymore, so don't hit them up for it. Big ups to this computer nerd I work with, Serey Lay, for finding the hosting for me. If you ever see him, yell the old playground chant "Serey Lay is Gay" really loud, and he'll smile and wink. I started uploading all the old stuff that we had to get rid of to the new server. Then my computer broke. I can't get to the harddrive that has all the old files. But hopefully skeltz will put everything back up real soon. Also, I fixed the message board, so start using that again. There's a hot new edub track called "Irish Erection," and it's all about this webpage, so listen to it. There should be more new shit soon. That's all i have to say

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