Updates From February, 2006

Fuck Skeltz, he deserves to die.
posted by glaze on 02/22/2006
Hello there. I just wanted to let you all know about this new video we made called Fuck Skeltz It's a nice heartwarming piece about how much we all hate skeltz. It's censored right now, maybe one day we will release the uncensored version. But if you want to watch that now, you can just email skeltz at skeltz@irishtoothache.com and he'll let you know where you can get the real thing. Also, skeltz has been kicked out of the group for a week or so, because he didn't come to philly with us (which is where we recorded the song). So if you email him tell him how much you hate him too. There's also a video called Fuck Glazer. It's more of a birthday song that everyone except for edub made for me. Except it's horrible. But it's also great, so watch it. There's a birthday song out there called Paddy Muth's birthday Song and it's a birthday song for muth's older brother. One last thing, there's a new website that's run by some of us at the toothache. It's called kevinfederlinefanclub.com and it's a fan club for that great man that married britney spears. It's a pretty funny website, so join the fanclub and have some fun.

what is really going on?
posted by e-dub on 02/13/2006
let's everyone say hi to Tup in Korea. If you see him walking around teaching english to people just say "Haro." He'll know what you mean. In a few weeks we are going to launch a "Become the Next Tup" contest. It's going to be great- we need someone to replace Tup in the group since he is going to be gone for a year and since William Hung was not available we decided to take video and music submissions to find the right person. Lots of things have been happening recently, far too much for me to type at 2 am, so just wait. The short story is, Skeltz is kicked out of the group for a week, Tup is gone and we sold out to make money (that's the only good part). Now go buy something or donate us some money so we can buy a video camera that doesn't suck. Thanks-

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