Updates From March, 2005

I’m only Irish on St. Patty’s Day
posted by glaze on 03/21/2005
Hi. It's me. Happy belated St. Patrick's day. I meant to update the site on the actual day, but I didn't. OK? I was waaaaasted. Well, there's some new stuff for you to look at on our little website. One of them is this video called Giant Cookie. It's about a man. A fat man. A man with no fears but a decent sized bosom. A man named Titty who thought he could eat a person-sized cookie. We brought the irishtoothache-cam along with us to make the cookie, and then again to watch him eat it. See what we filmed. Another great thing for you to enjoy is the long-awaited music video for I Need a Sammidge. We meant to make it over a year ago, but didn't get around to making it until a week ago. Skeltz and Glaze went down to Tup's place and cut the whole thing in a day. I alone ate around 50 sandwiches that day. It was a good day. E-bitch-Dub made a song called Lemonade in the Afternoon that's about being a kid and enjoying kiddie things like drinking lemonade in the afternoon and stuff. It's worth a listen, cause it's actually good. Unlike his usual works. JK. LOL. Edub and Skeltz released another good song called Who Invened the Mic which turned out to be another good one (hey everybody, Edub and Skeltz finally released a good song since Robots No). Tuppenstein also cut a jam called Confessions of a Songwriter. I don't want to say what it's about cause it's a surprise. But it wouldn't be appropriate for you to sing to a girl on Valentines Day. Also, if you're on myspace, check out our myspace page. Its really lame to be in an internet community. I know. But it's not so lame to have Ludacris as your internet friend, is it? Oh it is? Or isn't it? Anyway, I wrote these haikus a while ago, and you might like them. They're about molesters. They were topical around a few months ago, when I wrote them, but now they're just old news. Sorry. There just aren't anymore celebrity molesters in the news nowadays, so these will have to do.
"The Cosby Mysteries" Here babe, take this pill Your headache will go away I am Bill Cosby"The Smoothest Criminal" Come here little man. My name is Michael Jackson. Do you like this porn?
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