Updates From April, 2005

Irishtoothache is Letting Bubba Sparxxx and Houstin close for us.
posted by tup on 04/19/2005
Hey all you Irishtoothachers, you heart breakers, you baby makers, you friends of ours who come to this stupid website just to be nice to us. We've got BIG NEWS! Irishtoothache, for the first time ever, is performing as an entire pretend rap group. Thats right, this saturday, at Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia (The state of brotherly love, of...other relatives. As an added bonus, we've allowed acclaimed recording artist Bubba Sparxxx to "close for us." Cause we're generous like that. You can buy tickets to the Irishtoothache/Bubba Sparxxx show at this particular place So come make the drive and freaking...whatever. Tup

posted by e-dub on 04/13/2005
Hello shladies and yentlemen- E-dub and Skeltz will be performing (rapping) at St. Mary's 12th annual World Carnival. Friday, April 15th @ 4:15pm on the Admissions Field. You should come and hear the hits, new and old. Also check out the new song by E-dub and Skeltz entitled Say What you Mean, it is in the new songs section. Thank you everyone, and we will see you at Wheeling University on Saturday, April 23rd.

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