Updates From May, 2005

New Video from Skeltz
posted by skeltz on 05/23/2005
What up everybody, Hold onto your hats, because wearing hats inside is rude. Also, I just released the video for the song "All Clear," which you toothachers seem to like so much. Soon, I'm going to post a trailer for the site, done by Laskin, E-Dub, and myself. It's made in flash, and it's pretty sweet. But Glaze has to fix somethin about it first. And I have to find it. Also, the word on the street is that there may be an irish toothache DVD coming out in a month or so, featuring higher-quality versions of the stuff that is already here, PLUS a high-quality, full length video of the amazing concert we did with Bubba Sparxxx in West Virginia. I also heard that E-Dubble is comin out with a mixtape soon. That should be tight, and he's gonna sell it for a measly 5 bones. I've heard a few joints off that, and it's worth the buy. He's already released one song off it, which you can get for free here. It's about the history of the ache, kinda like Em's "Yellow Brick Road," without all the dysfunction and racism. Also, Glaze told me to tell you about the rss feed he set up. He also says, "if they don't know what an rss feed is, and they want to, tell them to send me a picture of their moms boobs or something, and I'll tell them." I would tell you myself, but I have no freaking clue what a stupid rss feed is, because apparently the same rules apply to me. But wait, there's more! Be on the lookout for a new video game, which is still too secret for me to say anything about. It's a rap battle game. Aw shit. I also want to make a racing game soon, because I think racing games are totally sweet, so we'll see. Email us if you have another game idea, and we will laugh in your face, then use the idea and take all the credit. Oh yeah, and I hear the potheads episode 2, "The Search for Rhombus," is amazing, and almost done. Later yall

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