Updates From July, 2004

You just wait and see
posted by tup on 07/29/2004
As you can see from this picture of these blue hills. . . . . . we have a lot of new stuff coming your way on this very dumb website you love so much. One thing is the first episode of Potheads...I predict that will be out in 2 weeks, its kind of funny. New songs are gonna be dropping left and right....clammer for "You little Kids (hold me Back)" and take your pants of to "I Nailed my Babysitter"...Hopefully music videos for Da Clink, Me and My Nerfgun, and I Need a Sammidge should exist soon...as well as maybe a video to some kind of popular song...tell us what song you'd like to see a video of, and maybe you'll get your wish. More than likely we'll just stop doing this website altogether cause its getting old. Just kidding kids. Had you scared for a second didn't I. No, not scared at all, eh? Oh...

Lyrical Gun Play
posted by glaze on 07/09/2004
For some reason, Skeltz and E-dub think they're better than me and Stubbs. I don't know what they're thinking. They challenged us to some stupid battle contest, and made a horrible, horrible song. So we decided to make one of our own. You can listen to it at Skeltz Raps Like This, E-dub Raps Like This. Then, once you've listened that song and the little song that they wrote, go vote at our poll on the board and we'll know once and for all who's better at rap. And while you're at it, go post shit to it too.

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