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Irishtoothache.com Merchandise Page Opening Party /
Welcome home from America Tup & Muth
posted by e-dub on 07/31/2005
The biggest thing to hit the internet since Irishtoothache.com. THE IRISHTOOTHACHE.COM MERCHANDISE PAGE! That's right, on Saturday, August 13th we are opening our online store. You will be able to purchase various goods- from albums to mixtapes to t-shirts. In honor of this event we are having a party in B-More, charm city aka Baltimore for you losers. If you consider yourself Irishtoothache VIP- then contact your favorite Irishtoothache.com bandmember for further directions and instructions. Welcome home two members of irishtoothache from their America trip and buy some wonderful merchandise their will be spirits of all kinds!!!!! HOORAY!

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