Updates From August, 2005

posted by e-dub on 08/15/2005
For all you losers who didn't make it to Towson on Saturday to celebrate the opening of the Merchandise page--- you really missed out (as visible from the above pictured guests) Since you love irishtoothache so much we've made it possible for you to buy all the merchandise we have available online! We'll send this stuff anywhere there is a zip-code, just give us some money first. It's really easy, click on the Merchandise page link. A note from the diplomat: Hi. E-dubble asked me to finish his update cause he's too stupid to do it himself or something. He said to put up links to Brigid's Birthday Song (Whiskey Sairs) and Caw caw, Caw caw. They're both fantastic songs that you will like, so check them out. Also this new merchandise page is up so now you can buy all kinds of merchandise. We have just printed up 60 t-shirts and have a lot left for you to buy. E-dubble also just released his mixtape, and let me tell you that you want this mixtape. He got good at rapping somehow. You will be impressed. What would you rather have for 5 bucks? 5 songs from iTunes or like a bazillion edub songs and a few skits too? Its a tough choice.... Also, thanks to everyone for ruining my house last weekend. I really appreciate all of the beer stains on the floor, the frozen champaigne in the freezer, and the wine marks on the walls. Really, thanks. Glazer

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