Updates From August, 2007

E-dubble & Skeltz are On The Rise... In terms of Rap Videos
posted by e-dub on 08/14/2007

Skeltz and E-dubble have taken the next steps on their journey to hip-hop stardom.  They’ve entered Youtube’s On The Rise Video Contest... Rap Edition.  Basically they each submitted original rap songs & videos to be judged by 50 cent, Common & Polow Da Don.  These hip-hop gentlemen will then go through all of the submitted videos and pick the 20 best to be voted on by the viewing public.

You, the wonderful viewing public and supporters of irishtoothache can help us get our hands on some nearly $13,000 worth of much needed studio equipment.  Once Skeltz and E-dubble make it into the top 20 (this FRIDAY, AUGUST 17th)  it’s your job to go and vote for them every single hour!  So please go and watch the videos, share them with the world and vote for your irishtoothache representers.  One Love DJ Welldrink.

Peter Muth is your next American Idol
posted by e-dub on 08/14/2007

The scholar, the gentlemen, the paint salesman, Peter Muth, will be making his debut on American Idol this season!  But, he can’t do it alone, he needs your help... Go watch his American Idol video on youtube and help him skip straight to the terrific trio.  That’s right,  the local Fox affiliate in Philadelphia is offering one talented American Idol hopeful the chance to skip straight through the preliminary audition phase and sing for Simon, Paula and Randy.  So, please go and watch Peter Muth’s video, share it with your friends, post it on myspace pages- tell the world that Peter Muth is the only person suitable to be AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL!  I mean- the next American Idol.  You can watch the video below, or click the picture above to watch the video on youtube.

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