Updates From September, 2004

Happy Birthday Mr. President
posted by glaze on 09/29/2004
Hello. A few new things have happened at the toothache. You care a lot about them, and can't wait to enjoy them. The bad news is that the majority of the new things are birthday songs, and you might not know the people who are being honored. But the good news is that Skeltz and E-dub aren't the ones making the songs!! ZIIINGGG!!! 1)Tup made a birthday song for a man named Luke Mann. It's exceptional. I don't know much about this guy, except for that he's very polite in an impolite manner. 2)Then Stubbs and myself made a birthday song for this kid we hate named Josh Pincus. It's also pretty good. I put it on a CD as the only song, and it's the only thing I've listened to in my car since. I must have listened to it for at least an hour and a half worth of driving. 3)We have initiated a mailing list for the site. If you want to be the coolest kid in your apartment building, you better put your email address in that little white box over there. It's very important. 4)There are some new buddy icons on the way so stay tuned for that. Also, Don't forget about this new song that's gonna drop any day now. It's called "The Little Kids," or something like that, and it's about beating the crap out of 10 year old kids. It's very good. Keep checking back, you don't want to miss this one. And keep clicking those links over there on the left side of the computer. The ones under "Our Pals." Even if you're not gonna look at the site, just click the link. It'll bring more people to this site. It's the least you could do. Seriously.

Their Heads Coming out of a Pot
posted by glaze on 09/17/2004
Have you ever heard of a cartoon called potheads? Probably not. Cause Tup and I just created it. It took around 8 gruiling months, but for 5 of them, Tup was halfway around the world and no one worked on it. So it finally hit the internet in full force. It's alright, but really not that good. If you have a good computer, watch this and if you have an ok or bad computer, watch this one. There are more potheads related items over on the cartoons page. Also, E-dub recorded a double album over the summer. Some songs are better than others. Consult the songs page for more info, yo. As you can probably see, the design of the site is slightly improved. So enjoy that while it lasts. You probably want to ask me, "Glaze, what's the deal with your 'pals.' Most of those people are not friends with you. Why did you sell out, you biotch?" Well, we did it for the good of the internet. For every time you click a link in that section, a new person will be sent to the ache for the first time. So do the world a favor and click the links. Have an alright day.

Scottish Kilts are in this season!
posted by e-dub on 09/07/2004
Well hello irishtoothache.com reader. and when I say that I mean, Glaze, Skeltz, Tup, Muth, Stubbs, me, matt, matt, matt, tiki, heckles, some of the girls etc... AND THE REST OF THE WORLD, perhaps even our Art Class- who knows. Alright I don't know. Anyway, there are great things on the way, and there are new great things that don't have updates or links yet- so I hope its ok that I make one. I Got This A GREAT SONG! I HOPE THIS WORKED!

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