Updates From September, 2006

Look at Those Boobs on his Boobhat
posted by glaze on 09/15/2006
You’ve heard us play it live at the New Years Warehouse party.  You’ve heard us play it live at E-Ferg’s Last Blast in Wheeling.  You’ve heard us play it live at Tup’s Going Away Party at O’Donnels.  But each time, chances are you were probably all like "What the F is this song?  I’ve heard every song on irishtoothache twice and I’ve never heard this one!"

We recorded Mr. Boobhat around a year ago, and literally just let it sit there unreleased for no reason at all.  But all that changed today, when we released it.  So listen to it, you’ll like it.

We’ve also been releasing songs that are good enough for me to talk about here.  Most of them are birthday songs.  Our boy Dickie AKA Lapides AKA Potuman AKA Matt got a nice birthday song.  We also made a birthday song for a nice gentleman named Collin Goldsmith.  We met him one night, on his birthday, and 12 hours later, he had a birthday song.  And our buddy Tom Green got a birthday jam.  We were hoping he would hear it and instantly want to hang out with us, but that didn’t really happen, at least not yet.

E-dub has also been continuing to release decent solo joints.  Holler at your boy, the songs page, to hear more about that.

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