Updates From October, 2004

Hey Idiots!
posted by skeltz on 10/04/2004
Boy should you be excited. That's because we have a whopping two new songs. The first is Hey Pete. It's a song about the dude hooking up on the floor. No, not the chicken. Come on people. Honestly. Anyway, we also have this song called Hold Me Back. It's about how annoying little kids are, just because they know we aren't supposed to beat the crap out of them. It's one of our best songs ever. Which means absolutely nothing. We also have this new joint coming soon, "Don Smoke." Every child should hear it. Right after we beat the living crap out of them. If Mike Tyson had listened to it, he would have never gone to jail in the first place. He also probably wouldn't have talked as funny. Probably. And as if that wasn't enough, Tup and Glaze are in negotiations for a new episode of the potheads. I seriously don't understand how we are this freaking cool. So go to the "newest" song section, and enjoy the hell out of yourself. You idiots.

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