Updates From November, 2003

Oh Man, I Need A Sammidge!
posted by glaze on 11/25/2003
What's up idiots. As you probably know, we've been adding stuff to this website faster than speedy gonzales can run. We're like an entertainment factory, making entertainment all over the place. And bringing it to your computer by use of the internet! Isn't technology awesome?!?! I was gonna make this awesome cartoon update, with a character that I drew during my computer science class. He was gonna tell you about all the new stuff on this site, but unfortunately, I'm extremely lazy and didn't get around to it. So stay tuned for that, cause it's gonna happen real soon! So what's new on the website? Here's what's new. Tup and I cut this totally non heinous track yesterday called "I Need A Sammidge." It's kind of a prequel to the skew it video, but not really. Also, Matt and I cut a song about cable tv, and it's called "Cable TV." You should check that out too. We finally put the Big Sexy video up after sitting on it for 4 months or so. It's ill, go watch it. Lastly, we've been working on putting the lyrics to our tunes up on the songs page, and you can go get some of them now, and the rest are on the way. Also hit up the freestyles at the bottom of the songs page, they're alright. Tup did his bio video, and that's around, so you can watch that too. I totally beaned him in the head with a Mrs. Dash spice shaker . . . he had a bump on his head for a while.

Lots of new crap
posted by glaze on 11/09/2003
Oh my god. There are so many new things on this website. If you haven't yet checked out the movie page, then do that. There's like a million new videos up there. There's this one awesome one of muth eating food, and one of smitty throwing tup into a fence, and one of tup throwing things at smitty, and even an outtake reel for the skew if video. And so many more too!!!!! There's also a new song about spring break in the future. And don't forget about the about us page. I put up a video I made 10 minutes ago about myself, and the rest of the chumps who work on this page will probably do that soon too. Oh yeah. There's a new-ass message boardtoo. You should go there and sign up for an account, or just leave a message. It's totally awesome, just like the rest of our site. Keep checking back. The big sexy video's coming real soon, and so is episode 1 of potheads. You don't wanna miss that shit.

Welcome to irishtoothache.com, the awesomest place
posted by glaze on 11/01/2003
If you haven't heard yet, this is irishtoothache.com. It's the newest thing to hit your internet. If you don't have the internet, I'd suggest going out and buying it, cause it's pretty sweet. You can find all kinds of funny, original shit here. Go look around and download all of it.

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