Updates From November, 2004

Get out your Oragel®, cause the Toothache’s acting up
posted by glaze on 11/17/2004
Did you hear? A few weeks ago 200 dumb people looked at this site. Most of them probably hated it. Big deal! Watch me care. Watch me. There are a few new things, and i'll list out the things in a numbered list. Here I go. 1) Tup's birthday song just dropped like the cup of coffee i was holding yesterday. It's really good. I'm not just saying that cause I was in it. During E-dub's verse, he apologizes for my verse being too feminine(bitch please), and then goes on to rap the queerest rap I've heard since the fresh prince spit about the millenium, yo excuse me, Willennium. So I'm apologizing for that. 2) E-dub and Skeltz cut a song called Our Apologies, which is pretty good as well. It's not as good as Da Clink or anything, so don't get excited, but you should go ahead and listen to it anyway. I can't really explain what it's about, cause I don't know for sure, but I think dancing might have something to do with it. 3) Stubbs heard a rumor about a contest for songs about not smoking, so we made a song called Don' Smoke. Then we learned that in order to enter the contest, you have to be 18 years old or younger, and live in VA. But the song was already made. That's it. Keep checkin back for some the new shit. I hear tup and stubbs are working on something called the Dirty Turtle, and we're trying to finish up X-mas in Colly Park before X-mas 2004. And don't forget about potheads, we're putting together the second episode and it's fixing to be amazing.

Vote or Don’t
posted by tup on 11/01/2004
With the election right around the corner...We thought it was our civic duty to get involved here at Irishtoothache. Then we realized how very wrong we were. Ignoring all of that... as a group we have come up with the collective slogan, which everyone was involved in making, not just me sitting here in class...we sent alot of emails back and forth, and we had a few conference calls...and we came up with this: It rhymes and you know it rhymes. The message of the slogan is simple: vote or don't. The terms are complicated, luckily all you have to do is check the box that says "i understand the terms and conditions" and then you are rolling quickly down easy street. In other Toothache news: None of us are busy doing anything you'd be interested in. If anyone listened to the song "Halloween is ripe" in honor of Halloween, please submit your names to me so that I can make sure you never truly become happy. Vote or Don't! Tup

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