Updates From November, 2006

posted by glaze on 11/03/2006
Aight, if you haven’t yet copped K-Fed’s new album, Playing with Fire, go do that now.  Then put it into your CD player, and turn on track 4.  The song you are now listening to is called Lose Control.  It’s K-Fed’s new single, you might have heard him rap it at the Teen Choice Awards.

Some of us over at the Kevin Federline Fanclub heard it, and decided to remix it. MTA put it best when he wrote:

This remix features the rap stylings (in order of appearance) of Glaze, MTA, and Skeltz.  And of course, K-Fed holds the chorus down every time.  We were a little nervous about remixing LC, for the obvious reasons.  Would you do a remix of Michealangelo’s David?  Would you do a remix of a clear spring morning?  Well LC makes both of those things look like Hitler taking a poop.  I think we managed to strike the perfect balance between complete admiration and unquestioning subjugation.  Kevin Federline is the greatest hip hop artist of all time, and now he has the remixxed homage to prove it.

So listen to the Lose Control Remix, and then have a nice weekend.

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