Updates From December, 2003

Shit’s fucked up
posted by glaze on 12/18/2003
Have you noticed yet? Things are ruined. The guy who runs our server told us that we were using more of his space than we pay for. So we had to get rid of a bunch of things off the internet. But don't worry, they'll be back soon. And most of the things that are gone sucked anyway. This awesome kid, Justin from willysbirthday.com, is gonna hook us up with some hosting or something. So if you're looking for porn (and I know you are) then go look at his porn webpage. It's chock full of porn. Once we get that situated, we're gonna put some more stuff up there. Maybe Tup an I will finish up potheads over winter break. And maybe we'll finish up "Christmas in Colly Park" over winter break. It's a hot new track about what Jesus's birthday would be like if everyone was still here in College Park instead of at home with their lame families. But maybe we won't do anything at all. Who knows. Also, Killard Killmore had their first live gig a while ago, and everyone seemed to enjoy it, so maybe we'll put some of those tracks up here. I'm also gonna try to fix the message board soon ... i don't know why i can't get it to work. Maybe I'm some kind of retard. P.S. Pop quiz hotshot. Q:How awesome are the things in skeltz's profile? A:Each one's better than the last one. (see below for details)

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