Updates From December, 2004

I didn’t know Muth knew how to do updates.
posted by muth on 12/27/2004
DonaldTheHat [4:28 PM]: man...i'm exhausted just from posting that one song DonaldTheHat [4:28 PM]: aight lemme do a few more DonaldTheHat [4:28 PM]: you can do the update DonaldTheHat [4:28 PM]: just tell them to go to songs DonaldTheHat [4:28 PM]: and then christmas songs OxTheGiantBaby [4:29 PM]: ok Aaaaahhhhhhhhh! So like Tup (donaldthehat) said, and I (OxTheGiantBaby) agreed with, click on songs and then christmas songs to hear this christmas album we threw together so we wouldn't have to get our parents real gifts. Also, I'd like to give a special welcome to members of St. Matthews Church. Apparently, Father Joe announced to the entire congregation that they should visit irishtoothache and listen to the Christmas songs. Be careful what you listen to, church-goers. Merry whatever-you-celebrate! Hi. This is Glazer. I fixed the problems with all the new x-mas songs. Sorry for the inconvenience, Christians. Glaze

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