Updates From December, 2006

Its a little bit late, but...Letís Have Christmas Anyway
posted by tup on 12/28/2006

Hey everyone, we here at toothache hope you have had a wonderful holiday season.

We managed to throw together yet another christmas album this year, called "Let’s Have Christmas Anyway" just in time to have missed the christmas season, just like always.  So maybe next year you can listen to it...

Or if you want to you can listen to it now at the "christmas songs" section.  I personally think you should just click on the link to download the entire album with art. (Glazer turn all these things into links, and rewrite this whole update while your at it)

Then burn yourself a CD, and buy CD labels, and make yourself a fully functional irishtoothache album.  Or...as a third option...just buy the album.

I’m drunk and in korea and its 4 am. 

Let’s Have Christmas Anyway.

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