Updates From December, 2007

We didnít make a Christmas album cause we started too late, but letís have Christmas anyway!
posted by glaze on 12/24/2007
Hey everybody.  We forgot to make a Christmas album this year.  Sorry.  But at the last minute we painted a wall in my apartment green, re-recorded last year’s title track "Let’s Have Christmas Anyway", and made a whole entire music video for the new version.  You can watch it below, or you can download it and make DVD’s.  Then you can give those video music tapes to your friends and families and return all of the expensive gifts you bought for them.  Enjoy.

Merry Christmas from us.

We In Sepia Tones
posted by tup on 12/10/2007

Hey irishtoothache fans!  Its-a me, Tup.  I came all the way back from Korea for one reason: because I didn’t like it there. 

And now I’m back here making stupid music videos, songs, and not working or doing anything else an adult should do at this stage in life.  One such song that we just made is called "Sepia Tones" and its all about some old timey stuff, which is why we killed these old timey looking farmers and made their bodies into costumes to take that photo up there.  It is also why we spent a day in a tiny green colored room with a video camera...so listen to the song now, and hopefully watch the music video later. 

Welcome back, Tup.  Thanks.  I’m welcome.

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