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Sepia Tones

I’m sure you can all remember back to the start of the Great Depression back on that fateful October day in 1929. Everyone blamed it on the stock market crash, or this or that...but no one realized that for the 9 years leading up to the Depression...Prohibition was single handedly destroying our great nation’s economy.

But for those of us living at that time, we stil managed to have a great time. Gettin’ fried to the hat at speakeasies, chillin’ with flapper ladies, and laughin at the suckers in bread lines while we scarf down philly cheesesteaks. Watch as we bring you back to that time...All in Sepia Toned glory for your viewing pleasure.
e-dub, glaze, muth, tup
Let’s Have Christmas Anyways

Sometimes bad stuff happens, but let’s have Christmas anyways. This video was made in lieu of a Christmas album this year. Sorry, and Merry Christmas!e-dub, glaze, muth, skeltz, stubbs, tup
Fuck Glazer (Glazer’s Birthday)

Mostly everybody made a song for glazer on his birthday. It was horrible, so they didn’t do anything for 3 months, until glazer started complaining.muth, skeltz, stubbs, tup
All Clear

This is the video for all clear. Special thanks to Duda and Liz, who helped me film it.skeltz
I Need a Sammidge

This video is like seinfeld . . . except instead of being about nothing, itís about sandwiches. It is a music video for a Tup and Glaze joint entitled "I Need a Sammidge."glaze, skeltz, tup
Treat Each Man as a Gentleman

Treat Each Man as a Gentleman is a video about neat people. These are your average everyday heroes that shock us everytime we enter a Sheetz or a Wal-Mart. I hope you enjoy this video, it was shot by E-dub, Skeltz and Lasky- and edited beautifully by Skeltz. e-dub, skeltz
Skew It Outakes

When stupid people make stupid videos, they do stupid things.glaze, stubbs, tup
Skew It

A music video for the semi-popular outkast song. It’s hot.glaze, stubbs, tup