Stupid Stunts

Giant Cookie

One Halloween night, Stubbs wore a giant cookie costume. Titty AKA Ryan AKA Bryan boasted that he could eat a cookie the size of a man. So there it was. Stubbs, Matt, Bronze Benson AKA White Benson AKA Mike, and Glaze traveled to Grshbecks(sp?) and borrowed lots of ingredients and made a giant, giant cookie. Then they took it over to a party at Muth’s house, where Titty tried to eat the cookie. Did he eat it? See for yourself.glaze, matt, stubbs, tup
Smitty Getting Hit by Shit

tup throws things at smitty, and smitty freaks out.tup
Smitty Shoving Tup Into a Fence

Smitty shoves tup into a fence. It’s not that good, but it takes up space, so we put it up here.tup
Matt Get Pants’ed

matt lost a bet to pincus, so he had to get pants’ed in front of a lot of peoplematt