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Glazer Got A Little Older
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A birthday song chronicling the life and death of Glazermuth, skeltz, stubbs, tup, Dare, MTA, Notes
Dare’s Birthday Song
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He make dat redneck chicken dat fall off de bone.glaze, muth, skeltz, stubbs, tup, MTA, Notes
Notes’ Birthday Song
songs about people
Here is a song we made about our friend Notes for his 32nd birthday. Enjoy.glaze, muth, skeltz, tup, anna
Eat Food At Your Wedding
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Our friends, Ryan and Annette, got married, and we were too lazy to go to the store and buy them a present from their registry. So we made them a song instead, and gave it to them. Happy wedding guys.glaze, muth, stubbs
Clap On Clap Off
rap songs
The first song from’s new Freestyle Friday Feature... Now these won’t be freestyles in what we know freestyles to be, as in off the top of the head, stream of consciousness type of rapping... But rather what mainstream rappers prefer to call freestyles- which are songs they write, and then record, but usually don’t mix or master, and don’t put on albums but rather mixtapes and then call them freestyles because they usually can’t sell them due to copyright issues. Isn’t learning fun! THANKS for listening- love e-dubblee-dub
Pocket Full of G-dubs
rap songs
The rap click "Benjamin Skranklin" passed through the mansion to record this joint in early 2009. Shouts to MC Comcast, Pope Douglass, Cold MediSin, and Lil Stoop AKA The Gun Shooter. (e-dub, glaze, tup, and pabs)e-dub, glaze, muth, tup, MC Comcast, Pope Douglass, Cold MediSin, Lil Stoop
I Love Workin’
rap songs
A Parody of the Asher Roth song "I Love College" called "I Love Workin’."

It is what it is.
Bill O’Reilly is a FUCKING Scatman
songs about people
Bill O’Reilly chooses a shocking way to introduce himself to former president Vicente Fox.skeltz
Cool But Barely (Hole in Chest)
songs about people
This song is about a guy named Ben Sherry who ain’t much to look at or listen to. But hey, he has a hole in his chest and that’s good enough for us. This song features guest artists Jay Fels, Dan Fels, Dave Felix, and Beth Anne.e-dub, glaze, muth, tup, Jay, Felix, Dan Fels, Beth Anne
All Beards and Non-Beards
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This is Jason Raymond Fels’ Birthday Song.

If you don’t know Jay, he’s a smelly paint store manager.

e-dub, glaze, muth, tup, Yahner, Sherry